Choosing the Right Neighborhood

The right neighborhood can enhance or diminish the ideal house

Know the neighborhood surrounding the house

The ideal living situation includes not only the right house, but also the right neighborhood. Thankfully, South Florida is a diverse area with an ideal community for everyone. Each neighborhood has distinct characteristic and varying personalities perfect for where you are at this stage of life. Finding the perfect community for you and your family can become overwhelming and frustrating.  Choosing a local expert who knows the area and has the ability to narrow down your choices based on need will save you time and frustration.

When narrowing down your choices on which community is right for you make sure you do your homework.  Visit the area at varying times of the day, talk to your potential neighbors, make note of the condition of not only the homes themselves but the lawns and common areas as well. 

We’ll do the scouting for you

Live out of state or don’t have time to make the visits yourself?  Not a problem at All About The Buyer, we are here to do the homework for you!  As a part of our concierge level services we are happy to visit the communities you are considering.  Through pictures and videos we bring the community to you and work with you step by step to ensure all your concerns are addressed.

Neighborhood Factors to Consider

The noise factor, created by major highways, shopping areas, railways, schools and restaurants, should always be taken into consideration when deciding on a neighborhood.  Speaking with local civic, police, fire and school officials are  a great way to gather information about the area you are considering.  At All About The Buyer we will compile this information for you and make recommendations based on what we gather.  Our Mission is to find you the PERFECT HOME AND COMMUNITY.