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Buying a home in Palm Beach County? It's a competitive market for buyers. How can you make your offers stand out?

Trusted relationships with listing agents, deposits with offers, closing timeframes, inspection periods, assignable contracts... and more. In this video, Amy lists a few of the strategies that she and Noreen use to get their home buyers' offers to the top of the list. Take a look!


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A client asked Noreen and Amy, "How do I choose a Realtor to sell my home?" In this short video, Amy provides some guidance on what to look for and what the dynamic should be like between you and a seller's agent.

A few highlights: 

  • Meet with a potential agent face-to-face so you can get an idea of the chemistry. It's important. You'll be spending a lot of time together and there needs to be trust. 
  • Choose someone with expertise selling homes in your community, your city, and your neighborhood. 
  • Choose someone who clearly will work hard for you and has a plan to market your home... Open houses, follow up calls, relationships with other agents... all of these are good signs. 

Watch for the details! 


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On Friday October 27th, the 2017 Annual Meeting of the newly-merged Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale was held. The event was simulcast to five board locations. The leaders that were elected for 2018 will helm the third largest Realtors Association in the United States. 

Amy Stark Snook, of our own All About Florida Homes Team, was among the slate of officers set to serve in 2018! Amy will serve as a Regional Director on the South Palm Beach County Regional Board. 

In addition, she was asked by Ron Lennon, the incoming President of the association to serve as a Florida Realtors Director for 2018. This is a distinct honor, and we are so proud she's been chosen! 

Amy has been asked to step up to these critical

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Latest Market News from FL Realtors® and RAPB+GFLR

On paper, the Palm Beach County real estate market numbers for September 2017 show the effects of Hurricane Irma. But, let's look closer to understand what's really happening and what to expect! 

The numbers in the September report are somewhat skewed resulting from the downtime which occurred due to the hurricane.

As you might expect, closed sales are down in Palm Beach County by almost 27% and dollar volume is down by almost 32%. But, rest assured Palm Beach county sellers and buyers – this is a temporary position for us to be in!  

While sadly much of the state of Florida was impacted more significantly by Hurricane Irma, Palm Beach County residents were fortunate to be spared a direct

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Do you understand title insurance? If your answer is "not really," you are not alone! 

So, what is title insurance and why do you need it? In this video, one of Amy and Noreen's clients asks for a description of what it covers, and Amy explains. Amy is a Florida licensed title agent, so she is able to provide an excellent overview here. 

Watch below! 


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We've launched our video series, answering questions from our social media followers and friends about buying and selling homes in Palm Beach County. 

One of our first questions came from someone we know peripherally, and it's about their home for sale in Boca Raton. They received an offer on their home which is a contingent offer - contingent on the buyers selling their home. We offer them some guidance here on how to evaluate the offer. What factors would we look at if we were representing them in the sale of their home? 

Take a look! 

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