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A Social media friends asked Amy for some help -  "We made an offer and we haven't heard anything but the listing disappeared off of MLS. What does this mean? How will we know if our offer to buy the home was accepted?" In this video, Amy helps viewers understand how she and Noreen handle this part of her role for clients. 


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Palm Beach County Real Estate Market Reports 

We just love seeing the results from the first month of a calendar year – and just as excited to review and present to you the first quarter results - so be certain to check back in April for the first quarter review!

January 2018 results did bring changes – especially in the $300 to $399K market. Last month we reported that the statistics showed that the low inventory pointed to a seller’s market. Well look out sellers! Because we now have a balanced market in this price range.  What does this mean to you our sellers? Pricing needs to be more realistic. There is not as much frenzy in general to buy - although we are all seeing that frenzy for homes in this price range IF they have curb appeal and are

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Palm Beach County Real Estate Market Reports 

Inventory is moving in Palm Beach County!  While it's still not a balanced market, there is a lot of great news for homes in all pricepoint categories. Things are definitely moving in the right direction!

Among the notable figures: 

  • Total dollar volume of all sales was up!
  • Median time to contract is down!  Buyers are making decisions faster and hopefully everyone is getting more realistic about their asking prices... and/or negotiating to achieve a win/win solution for the buyer and seller in any given transaction. 
  • Median time to sale is down!  Deals are getting closed faster – this is great news for all parties involved.    
  • The number of pending sales are down showing that inventory is
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In this week's video, Amy offers some advice about what to do with real estate assets in Palm Beach County if a loved one passes away. It's not an easy topic, but it's something many of our clients encounter. Proper advanced estate planning is a good idea, and we can connect you with an attorney who can help. However, if the planning wasn't done in advance, that's okay. We can help in that case, too.

Watch for more info: 

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Is home staging important when selling a home in Palm Beach County?   Noreen's answer in this quick video: Sometimes! Not every home needs staging, but if yours does, we will work with you every step of the way. Minimal clutter, less furniture, neutral colors, and few personal items are advisable. The living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen are the key areas that buyers look at. Watch to learn more!  


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This is a guest post written by one of our preferred providers, Ann Griffith of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. You can reach Ann and her partner Ruby Teich at 323-620-6800 or via email at  

As an experienced mortgage lender, I talk regularly with people at all stages of the home buying process. Based on the many conversations and relationships I’ve had over my career, the most common mistake people make when buying a home is NOT having a complete plan in place before shopping.  

These days, the internet has made so much information available to home seekers, but the thing that is sometimes missing is the guidance that brings all of that information together into a buying strategy. (That is certainly where the

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Buying or selling a home in Delray or Palm Beach County? Our video series helps keep you in the know!

A client submitted this excellent question: Is a seller obligated to make repairs that were discovered during the home inspection? Amy's answer involves an overview of the types of contracts and the role they play here, and offers advice about the way this plays out in practice.

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Let's start with some good news for our November 2017 market report.  For the majority of Florida - the parts that did not suffer a direct impact from Irma - the market has recovered.

Interesting when we review the market report for Palm Beach county we see that the average sale price ($526K) and the median sale price (330K) have both increased significantly. Because both average and median figures have increased, we can comfortably say that our prices have gone up. For those who are interested in “why” there is such a variance between median and average in Palm Beach, we offer this analysis: Understand that the median is literally a set of numbers of which half are higher and half are lower. In this case, that figure is $330K.  Palm Beach County, as

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Can I buy a home without a Realtor? In this video, Amy addresses this great question from a buyer.   Her major points: You can buy a home without a Realtor, but it's not a good idea! Finding the perfect home for you is not the hardest part. The harder part is getting you to the closing table and into your new home. Who is getting your offers noticed? What happens when an issue comes up in inspection? What happens when there's a problem with the appraisal? Who is negotiating all this? Who is reviewing title? Who is making sure your cash to close is ready to go and liquid? Our job is to foresee the items that come up and help you before it becomes an issue.  


90 Views, 0 Comments just published this roundup of 10 housing and mortgage trends to watch for in 2018. We think it's right-on and worth sharing. Below find a summary and a link to the full article!

Overall they project that the US housing market will improve in the following ways:

  • Home prices will climb, but not as fast
  • Home buyers will have a greater selection by end of year, as inventory will increase
  • Homeowners will have more equity in general, so they will be able to borrow more from it as needed

But, there will be increased challenges in 2018, especially for buyers, because mortgage rates are likely to rise, reducing affordability.

Here are the 10 housing and mortgage trends to expect in 2018. for the full article, click here: 

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