All About Florida Homes

Selling or buying a home is a major life decision. A committed, unbiased agent can help you make the right decision. But it can be hard to find someone who represents your interests.

At All About Florida Homes, we structured our teams with you in mind. All About the Buyer and All About the Seller are our buying and selling teams. Both are exclusively working on just one side of the real estate transaction. This means that they’re focused on helping you get the best deal.

Our agency, led by Realtors Amy Stark Snook and Noreen Payne, provides concierge-level service in South Florida. We’re focused on using our local knowledge to help people in our local area buy and sell.

What is concierge-level service? Like a hotel concierge, we take care of everything for you. There is so much involved in moving, and we’re here to help make it simple. From paperwork, to the finer details such as painting or utilities, we’ll help with moving. We’re looking at the whole process, not just the real estate transaction.

When you contact All About Florida Homes, we'll connect you to a buying or selling agent. With separate teams of exclusive buying and selling agents, we’re working with your best interests in mind. Because they’re focused on your side of the deal, you’ll enjoy great service and insider tips.

All About the Buyer is here to help you find your dream home. For any kind of purchase, from your first home or investment home, to a vacation home, we know what’s available. Our dedicated agents will help you narrow down your choices, close a great deal, and move into your new home. Our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied with your purchase and set up in your new home. 

About the Seller takes the guesswork out of selling your home. We’re real estate professionals, but we’re also marketers. Our Marketing Plan will help your home make a powerful first impression, so it will sell for the best price. We’ll emphasize the aspects that make your home stand out, so it gets in front of the right buyers and agents. We’ll work with you to sell your home for the right price.

Our 10 Commandments

  1. To always be honest, trustworthy and always work with integrity
  2. To take as much time as needed to determine our clients’ needs and wants and be attentive to these needs in our during the home buying and selling process
  3. To educate our clients on current market conditions
  4. We will thoroughly research homes in the area and sort through listings to prepare a list of suggested homes based upon our clients’ specific needs analysis.
  5. To be an adviser and advocate during the entire home buying or selling process
  6. To use our industry expertise to assist our clients 
  7. To be your advocate – Whether it be in selecting the home, making the offer, writing the contract or negotiating for the best terms .
  8. To be tenacious in accomplishing what our clients need.
  9. To provide assistance and guidance with the various partners/vendors needed in the transaction. Vendors such as inspectors, lenders, closing agents, contractors, etc.
  10. We will be present at closing to ensure that all the of our clients; interests are protected



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